Aery Living Bonsai Tree Reed Diffuser £ 34.95; Volume 30 | Individual Copy £ 10.00; Organic enki tote bag in Black £ 12.00; Organic enki tote bag in Blue £ 12.00; UK Gift Subscription (non-rolling) + FREE Aery Living Candle £ 46.00 Enki’s expressive face showed on her screen and his passionate voice filled her cabin as he said, “Anzu, the name of Alalu’s kinsman whom Anu choose as our pilot, means ‘He Who Knows the Heavens’.I knew Anzu was the best-suited to … A person needs an historical tree of family/people to follow and understand all. Enki is not, for example, doing something against the humans... but is providing wise, trustworthy commands. Enki also plays a major role in another Akkadian/Babylonian myth, the Atrahasis, which is the Mesopotamian version of the Great Flood.In this myth, Enki was responsible for the creation of mankind , who would serve the gods. This is NOT some "hands-off" or "distant" great grand daddy. (Fall-Out From Nuclear Attacks Sweeps Over Cities of the Gods in Sumer) *We display top occupations by gender to maintain their historical accuracy during times when men and women often performed different jobs. The SSDI is a searchable database of more than 70 million names. A possible depiction of Enki and Ziusudra. There are 31 census records available for the last name Enki. According to the Book of Invasions, Magog settled around the Russian Steppes, the kingdom of the Scythians, where later, Nemed would leave, before migrating to Ireland. Hopefully, she might drop us a line and provide us with some such clues.). The Anunnaki Family Tree (reprise), Admittedly, Figure 1 deviates slightly from standard family trees charts where one person had two parents, four grandparents, eight great grandparents, and so forth and so on -- thus making the tree somewhat top heavy. Finally, Enki is also identified as the ancient, creator God of Egypt, Ptah. According to Sumerian mythology, Enki assisted humanity in surviving the Deluge designed to kill the humans. View Census data for Enki | Data not to scale. For example, one sufficient to miss WWII. A short lifespan might also indicate health problems that were once prevalent in your family. 96. But then Ninhursag's sacred fox fetches the goddess. Because in Him the passionate and joyous Lover, the Mystic, the Strategist, the Sorcerer, the Divine Manager, the Keeper of World Order and Rescuer of Humankind and Gods alike are all One. Enlil tells Ninshubur he is much too busy running the cosmos. Mother Nintur [Nin=khursag], the lady of form giving, The name Ea in Sumerian means "the house of water". According to the ancient Sumerian texts, the Sumerian god, Anu, the “supreme Lord of the Sky”, the currently reigning titular head of the Sumerian Family Tree, had two sons.They were Enki (Ea), Lord of the Earth and Waters (whose mother was Antu), and Enlil (Ilu), Lord of the Air and Lord of the Command (whose mother was Ki). Enlil/Jehovah then endeavored to prevent Adam and Eve from gaining any wisdom beyond their perceived ‘servant’ status, and he warned them away from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, claiming that they would die if they took of its fruit. Wars, plagues, and famines result from one of them having their naps disturbed. This gives a whole new meaning to brotherly love, both from the sister's point of view and the half-sister's. The Anunnaki are very long lived. He is, after all, Jehovah, and a very, very vengeful god. (Then) Enki, the lord of abundance (whose) commands are trustworthy, When she does not return, Ninshubur approaches Anu only to be told that he understands that his daughter is strong and can take care of herself. In the Sumerian epic entitled Enmerkar and the Lord of Aratta, there is an interesting speech by Enmerkar. Enki/Ea is essentially a god of civilization, wisdom, and culture. Maybe take an artery, instead. Within census records, you can often find information like name of household members, ages, birthplaces, residences, and occupations. Abraham and his wife Sarai are another relatively well known example of this strong tendency toward an early form of "family values", and "the family that propagates the bloodline together... pretty much stays together.". The seductive god plies her with beer, but the young goddess maintains her virtue... whilst Enki proceeds to get drunk. [NOTE: While the last two lines suggest the traditional interpretation of the Tower of Babel, it should also be noted in the speech, Enki is being strongly praised, while Enlil is mentioned only as the audience of various monologues. Some speculate that the wars fueled by "god" in the Bible were really wars between two factions, the Enki … The Omega is in turn the symbol of fertility, the womb. Before we progress further down the generations, it might be worthwhile to check out the Anunnaki Family Tree Chart in a bit more detail. Yes, Enki’s family and no doubt a big share of his race condemned him and hated him for having given to the man the intelligence and the will of progress. In which Mike Rugnetta begins our unit on pantheons, which are families of gods. Enki and Enlil. Generally, however, Enki seems to be a reflection of pre-patriarchal times, in which relations between the sexes were characterized by a situation of greater gender equality. Utu, later worshipped by the East Semitic Akkadian-speaking Assyrians and Babylonians as Shamash, was the ancient Mesopotamian sun god, god of justice, morality, and truth, and the twin of the Mesopotamian goddess Inanna (Ishtar in the Assyrio-Babylonian language), the Queen of Heaven.His main temples were in the cities of Sippar and Larsa.He was believed to ride through the heavens in … Ishkur (Adad) m. Shala (Nin-suna/Duttur) Priestess. A slightly different version: Upset at his actions, he sends Galla demons to recover them. Like... trying to explain the colors, lines, twists, turns, and highlights. aka Ea, Nudimmud, and (the Egyptian) Ptah [5] Anu and Antu [4] Anshar and Kishar [3] Lahmu and Lahamu [2] Tiamat and Absu [1]. There was no hyena, there was no lion, However, Enki might also be akin to Hades... if not all three of the prime Greek gods. Enki (full name Enkig) is the Sumerian equivalent of the Akkadian Ea. There’s been an emergence... of all sorts of things that you might find entertaining... or at at least faintly humorous. If you’re going to have a mentor, he might as well be one worth having... even emulating. [Originally by her blood... and possibly her blood was the preferred "mother's milk".] I probably should have mentioned that earlier. In the later Babylonian epic Enûma Elišh, Abzu, the "begetter of the gods", is inert and sleepy but finds his peace disturbed by the younger gods [and] so sets out to destroy them. Their descendants are pretty much the same, so are continued in that other biblical tree. This god is a player. [Enlil] successively sends drought, famine and plague to eliminate humanity, but Enki thwarts his half-brother's plans by teaching Atrahasis, in order, about irrigation, granaries and medicine. For example...]. The myth of Enki and Inanna tells the story of the young goddess of the É-anna temple of Uruk, who visits the senior god of Eridu, and is entertained by him in a feast. Marduk / Bel The Younger, Eldest Son & Heir To Enki, Texts:. It is, however, as the third figure in the triad (the two other members of which were Anu and Enlil) that Ea acquires his permanent place in the pantheon. (Or else, we just don't have a clue as to precisely how her genes are being cast forth into the population of blue bloods. Shukaletuda seeks protection from Enki, who may or may not be his father. Accordingly, disturbances to their sleep might be singularly important. He was the keeper of the divine powers called Me, the gifts of civilization. Other Anunnaki descendants also inhabit the Earth today, but Enki … To which his grandchild might have replied: “Gee, Granddad; you shouldn’t have.”. Enki (the wise serpent) claimed that this was untrue and they they should partake of the knowledge: ‘Ye shall not surely die... for God [Enlil] doth know that in the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil.’ (Genesis 3:3-4)”, Keep in mind that when Adam and Eve were banished from the Garden by Enlil, that it was Enki who clothed them. His commitment is to support every child and help her go as far as she can, whatever her particular strengths and challenges. [In order to keep his begrudging promise] Enki does not tell Atrahasis, but instead describes Enlil’s plan to the reed hut walls of Atrahasis' (aka, Ziusudra, Utnapishtim, and/or Noah), thus covertly rescuing Atrahasis by either instructing him to build some kind of a boat for his family, or by bringing him into the heavens in a magic boat. [This losing sleep is clearly an Anunnaki bugaboo. However, Enki might also be akin to Hades... if not all three of the prime Greek gods.]. He was originally chief god of the city of Eridu, but later his influence spread throughout Mesopotamia. [Hint: Look up etymology on acquaintance! She and Apsu create several young gods. Nin-khursag, being a great mother, sets the birth-giving going. In those days, the lands of Subur (and) Hamazi, [The boat building seminar appears to be the most likely possibility. Or - as in our case - it may be a reminder of what the particular approach to education holds central. She had many names including Ninmah ("Great Queen"); Nintu ("Lady of Birth"); Mama or Mami (mother); Nin-ki ("Lady Earth"); Aruru (sister of Enlil); Belet-Ili (lady of the gods, Akkadian). In the Legend of Atrahasis, Enlil, the [acting] king of the gods, sets out to eliminate humanity, the noise of whose mating is offensive to his ears. It is also in the myth of ‘Enki and Ninmah’ that Nammu is presented as the creator of human beings. It appears on some boundary stones -- on the upper tier, which indicates her importance. He fashioned small creatures and sent them into the underworld, where they set Inanna free. The threat is made, however, that if humans do not honor their side of the covenant the gods will be free to wreak havoc once again. In creation texts, Ninmah (another name for Ninhursag) acts as a midwife whilst the mother goddess Nammu makes different kinds of human individuals from lumps of clay at a feast given by Enki to celebrate the creation of humankind. Enki had six main sons – Marduk, Nergal, Ninagal, Gibil, Ningishzidda, Dumuzi, & many others . [Curiously, Inanna had not awakened while she was being raped.] These relationships are in fact critical to understanding the story of Inanna's Descent into the Underworld... and its happy ending. [Talking about carrying a grudge!] Wikipedia: Enki and Ninhursag; Enki is part of the Sumerian Pantheon of demigods. Enki called the man Adapa, and the latter was placed in charge of Enki’s temple in the Sumerian Eden, and he became the world’s first ever priest. We might also note in passing that prior to the Babylonian invasion (and the subsequent carting off of the Jews to captivity in Babylon), the goddess Ashtoreth was as important a figure as Jehovah in the culture of the Hebrews. His values and attributes are timeless, and it is not surprising to see that He is one of the most beloved gods of Mesopotamia. Historically, surnames evolved as a way to sort people into groups - by occupation, place of origin, clan affiliation, patronage, parentage, adoption, and even physical characteristics (like red hair). To accomplish this grander goal, it was decided to place a cultured embryo into Nin-khursag’s own womb instead of into a mortal woman’s womb, so that [the ‘royal embryo’] was fed with Anunnaki blood. According to mythology, when Inanna, the Queen of Heaven, was trapped in the underworld, all the gods and goddesses turned from her. Nevertheless, this became extremely important in the Enki and Enlil competition for Best Genes. Technically, “Enki” means "Lord of Earth": the Sumerian “En” being translated as a title equivalent to "lord" -- a title originally given to the High Priest-- while “Ki” means "earth". To place the crown on [their] heads. Inanna is also a prime player in many of the earliest, ancient tales. This information is part of by on Genealogy Online. For the veterans among your Enki ancestors, military collections provide insights into where and when they served, and even physical descriptions. The gods are at a loss to know what to do, as Enki lacks a womb with which to give birth. What did your Enki ancestors do for a living. In Figure 1, for example, we can note that the first four generations are comparatively straight forward (and linked in blue... seemingly an appropriate color to show the blue bloods, sea, and sky they represented). It mattered not that Manasseh’s grandson, King Josiah, had destroyed these altars with the people’s blessing (2 Kings 12:12-15). Ninhursag then gave birth to Ninkurra (Lady Fruitfulness or Lady Pasture). His grandson Enki, chosen to represent the younger gods, puts a spell on Abzu "casting him into a deep sleep", thereby confining him deep underground. Enki himself can serve as a model and a reminder of this approach to teaching and living. It was Jehovah who had instigated the Semitic invasions which led to the ‘confusion of tongues’ and the fall of Sumer [aka the Tower of Babel]. He was the second son of Anu, but had a prior claim, i.e., Enki was younger than his half-brother, Enlil... however, Enki was born of his father, Anu, and Anu’s half-sister, Ki (which therefore gave precedence to Enki). He is the Challenger who tests the limits of Inanna in the myth Enki and Inanna and the Me and then concedes graciously his defeat by the young goddess of Love and War, by strengthening the bonds between Eridu and her city of Uruk. But Enki was insistent that the black-headed people should be educated. Luckily, the heritage of … Enraged, Enlil [i.e., a vengeful god] convenes a Council of Deities and gets them to promise not to tell humankind that he plans their total annihilation. Inanna (Ishtar/Astarte), Beloved of Anu, Great Lady of Love and War; (married Dumu-zi) The leader of the gods, Enki's wife was Ninhursag (also known, among many other names as Ninmah and, originally, as Damgalnuna, the Assyrian Damkina) and their sons were Asarluhi (god of magical knowledge), Enbilulu (god of canals and dikes), the human sa… Enki and Enlil, both "gods" born of a supreme Annunaki "god", apparently hated each other. EN.KI., Lord of Earth and Waters, Prince of Eridu, The Great Shepherd, The God of Wisdom. Enki is in all respects “the gallant, impetuous, energetic Lord of Wisdom, the Seeker after truth, and Master Adept in sorcery, enchantment and seduction." The tablets are the account of Enki, an Annunaki, from a planet called Nibiru. (Able was apparently unavailable... even... perhaps... unable to perform). She is chiefly recognized at Ur, and was probably first worshipped by cow-herders in the marsh lands of southern Mesopotamia. Alongside him were trees symbolizing the male and female aspects of nature, each holding the male and female aspects of the 'Life Essence', which he, as apparent alchemist of the gods, would masterfully mix to create several beings that would live upon the face of the earth. It will be left to the student to determine what Lilith's relationship to Enki is... other than sex partner and parents of two lovely daughters, Luluwa and Kalimath. Man had no rival. Further note from Laurence Gardner, Genesis of the Grail Kings, include Enki's genealogy. ), Admittedly, it will eventually become apparent that Enlil’s place in the Mother of All Family Trees does indeed place him in the bloodline, making even him a great (times ~160) grandfather. Later they used the same techniques to create Eve of Elda (Ava/Hawah). Uri, the land having all that is appropriate, Enki himself creates human beings out of a mixture of clay and the blood of the slain god Kingu. View Social Security Death Index (SSDI) for Enki, Discover the unique achievements of ancestors in your family tree, This page needs Javascript enabled in order to work properly. Some people have many names. The battle between environmentalists and religious conservatives had begun. An unusually short lifespan might indicate that your Enki ancestors lived in harsh conditions. The key is that “Enki had specifically created the earthlings [Adam and Eve] as ‘a leader among mankind’ from his own seed, whereas others of the earthly race had been created from the blood of Kingu [Tiamat’s son and lover].”. ***), (A MUST READ! The program is designed to preserve the history of the family. Among other things, this brings us down to notably more history... conflicts, vivid personalities, and such. As a result, they were born quite naturally as babies: Nin-khursag, being uniquely great, makes the womb contract. However, it should be noted that quite possibly, a side effect of living extraordinarily long lives is that the Anunnaki also take very long naps. This is because of family intra marriages. This is a god who makes great efforts to know his family... or at least the female members... and to become acquainted with them. He was the god of wisdom, water (seawater and lakewater), intelligence (literally "ear") and creation (Nudimmud: nu, likeness, dim mud). [3.12] Enki's Arc Witch - a beginner & SSF-friendly Lightning Caster. He had a twin brother, a god called Iskur (Adad). He had given him wisdom, but he had not given him eternal life.". Figure 1. Unfortunately, we might recognize Enlil as that kind of grandfather who gives his grandchild a lovely box of chocolates... while explaining to her that due to his general ineptitude, government pension rip offs, and the fact he has been happily spending all of his grandchild’s inheritance, he has also been adding debt to the child’s future as a permanent fixture. For example, one sufficient to miss WWII. Curiously, Inanna had not awakened while she was being raped. This was at the time when Enki departed the Earth and Marduk became the leader of Enki’s family. Only Enki sought to free her. Politically, this myth would seem to indicate events of an early period when political authority passed from Enki's city of Eridu to Inanna's city of Uruk. This is key to cultivating educational excellence, confidence, and competence.”. He is fundamentally a trouble-shooter god, and avoids or disarms those who bring conflict and death to the world. From Wikipedia: Ninhursag (NIN. He was also designated as En-Ki; i.e. Curiously, a marriage between a man and his half-sister is considered more important than one between the same man and a sister. Tiamat, as the Dragon Mother, essentially is the world (and thus is known also as the World Dragon). Upset about Enki's reputation [gossips already being a pain in those ancient days], Uttu consults Ninhursag, who, upset at the promiscuous nature of her spouse advises Uttu to avoid the riverbanks. The Nemedians were children and followers of Nemed. Nanna (also known as Nannar, Nanna-Suen, Sin, Asimbabbar, Namrasit, Inbu) is the Mesopotamian god of the moon and wisdom. He was married about 2780 BC in Eden to Eva bat ELDA. Enki was considered a god of life and replenishment, and was often depicted with two streams of water emanating from his shoulders, one the Tigris, the other the Euphrates. In the text 'Creator of the Hoe' she completed the birth of mankind after the heads had been uncovered by Enki's hoe. Adama (by artificial insemination This was a god of wisdom! In choosing a name for this independent and unique education, we sought one that would remind us all of what is most essential: the teacher’s ability to meet and nurture the child wherever she may be. His wife was Damgalnuna (Damkina) and his children included Marduk, Asarluhi, Enbilulu, Adapa, and Nanse. H… This god is a player. [Which, by the way, makes a whole lot more sense!] Not surprisingly, when appraised of the Anunnaki decision to Flood the earth and destroy mankind, Nin-khursag, the Lady of Life, deplored the idea. Inanna's two grandmoms are thus Nin-khursag and Ninlil... and of course her great granddad is Anu. All of which looks pretty darn good on a resume. Now, you might think this made it his idea, but in truth, it was Enlil’s. Enki realizes that he has been tricked in his hubris and accepts a peace treaty forever with Uruk. (This is effectively the same as Abraham giving Isaac precedence over Ishmael, and is in fact the source of the half-sister rule followed by Abraham and generations to follow. On the boat landing, a sacrifice is organized to the gods. ], [It is also noteworthy that while Enki is advocating the practice of human population control and living within the means of the natural world -- something a god of wisdom might very well advocate -- Enlil's contribution to this debate is his command to the humans to "be fruitful and multiply, and subdue the earth." The consorts of Ea, known as Ninhursag, Ki, Uriash Damkina, "lady of that which is below", or Damgalnunna, "big lady of the waters", originally was fully equal with Ea but in more patriarchal Assyrian and Neo-Babylonian times, the women play a part merely in association with their lord. Builds a family tree and creates a family genealogy book. Marduk, The Avenger Even the best designed curriculum and the most inspired methodology are only as good as the teacher’s ability to do this. During that time, the gods had to work, “The gods were digging the canals and piling up the silt in Ḫarali.” 1. Also, Inanna's paternal grandfather is Enlil (via Nanna), while her maternal grandfather is Enki (via Ningal). He is one of the oldest gods in the Mesopotamian pantheon and is first mentioned at the very dawn of writing in the region c. 3500 BCE. She is typically depicted wearing a horned head-dress and tiered skirt, often with bow cases at her shoulders, and not infrequently carries a mace or baton surmounted by an omega [womb] motif or a derivation, sometimes accompanied by a lion cub on a leash [possibly a precursor of the Strength card in the Major Arcana of the Tarot]. For more information, see Enki Education. The assumption, however, of Enki being tricked is just not all that plausible... particularly when Enki becomes the rescuer of last resort when Inanna gets into real trouble. (Much is made of the fact that Inanna is Anu's favorite.) Enlil was insistent that humankind should be kept in ignorance, and should be maintained solely to toil and to bear the yoke of the Anunnaki (a task the Roman Catholic Church has zealously endeavored to accomplish). However, in the Anunnaki Family Tree... and those involving most royalty down through the ages... the "family tree" He then married the Jewish Princess Meshar, and her brother Zerubbabel was allowed to lead the Israelite captives to freedom in 536 BC.”, Of course, “upon their return to Jerusalem and Judaea the [Jews] had every reason to fear the retribution of Jehovah, but they turned this fear into outright veneration and absolute obedience -- a veneration which set the scene for all that was to follow in the Jewish and Christian religions, whose disciples became classified as ‘God-fearing’.” (Gardner, pg 118-119) [Such fear does not lend itself to questioning authority... but absolute discipline does lead to Nazi Germany.]. In another story Shukaletuda, the gardener, set by Enki to care for the date palm he had created, finds Inanna sleeping under the palm tree and the gardener rapes the goddess in her sleep. When Ninhursag left him he came upon Ninsar (Lady Greenery) and then had intercourse with her. There is evidence that their ceremonial rites included water as a sacred element in the worship of Enki. "The most complete and modern mirror of masculine wholeness in Mesopotamia and world religion. After the ruinous war against the Fomorians, the surviving Nemedians left Ireland. But Enki and Nin-khursag had a more advanced plan to conceive of a prototype for a race of superior earthly leaders. The land Martu, resting in security, Drawing a tree on graphic and hypertext canvas. In 1880 there were 5 Enki families living in Minnesota. See the Nemediansin the Book of Invasions. is much less of a tree than a telephone pole with appendages. Into the speech of man that (until then) had been one. He is the Sumerian parallel to Biblical Adam. There are 3 military records available for the last name Enki. Enki, by the way, can be seen in the family tree more than once, often showing up in charts with yet another female. The whole universe, the people in unison The chart also shows the names of the 2 males, Cain, and Seth the 2 female children of Lilith, and Enki had married. "lord of that which is below", in contrast to Anu, who was the lord of the "above" or the heavens. Other bloodlines (brown or black) are shown in order to highlight certain important individuals (and who will be really pissed if they're not adequately represented -- these guys, after all, are gods and goddesses). This is my kind of god!] Nevertheless, Enki knew that the population on Hibiru was in trouble, so to preserve the Elohiym royal family line; many Elohiym descendants remained behind on Earth in order to preserve their race. And when asked as to why they called their school and educational system, “Enki”, they answered: What’s in a name? Enki is the so-called wicked snake of Eden which supposedly has tempted Adam and Eve. Genealogy profile for ENKI ENKI (deceased) - Genealogy Genealogy for ENKI (deceased) family tree on Geni, with over 200 million profiles of ancestors and living relatives. ***), (A MUST READ! The worship of Ea extended throughout Babylonia and Assyria. Consuming his own semen he falls pregnant (ill with swellings) in his jaw, his teeth, his mouth, his throat, his limbs and his rib. The battle between environmentalists and religious conservatives had begun. Use census records and voter lists to see where families with the Enki surname lived. Enlil was also involved with Nin-Khursag, such that their most notable offspring was Ninurta (Ningirsu) The Mighty Hunter... who in turn married Bau (Gula) The Doctor, Eresh-kigal, Queen of the Netherworld, who married Nergal -- their offspring was Lilith, The Beautiful Queen, Consort of the Gods, Handmaiden to Inanna Because in Him the passionate and joyous Lover, the Mystic, the Strategist, the Sorcerer, the Divine Manager, the Keeper of World Order and Rescuer of Humankind and Gods alike are all One. Enki, together with his half-sister, Nin-Khursag, and using genetic manipulation -- wherein Enki was the father, a mortal human the mother, and Nin-Khursag, the surrogate mother -- created The Adama. … Shop our enki picks. [Later, the biblical Ham will take on the same symbolism.]. Utu (Shem-esh) The Shining One, Prince of Justice. The rather more notorious big three in Figure 1 include Enki, Nin-Khursag, and to a lesser extent, Enlil. ; The Seven Evil Spirits, Text (A MUST READ! [*], 1. Jehovah decided to take revenge in any event.” It turns out Jehovah had been ticked off since the Israelites had come “forth out of Egypt”. It was Jehovah who had brought about the devastating Flood, and it was he who had leveled the cites of Sodom and Gomorrah -- not because of their wickedness, as related in Genesis (18-19), but because of the wisdom and insight of their inhabitants, as depicted in the Coptic Paraphrase of Shem. At a loss to know what to do, as the teacher ’ s family Able! According to Sumerian mythology, Enki finds the plants and immediately starts consuming their fruit Ancient tales symbol the... Earth and mother-goddess, one of them having their naps disturbed to recover them in! Hands-Off '' or `` distant '' great grand enki family tree that Enki is Lilith 's maternal grandfather! Birth-Giving going supposedly has tempted Adam and Eve is evidence that their ceremonial rites included water as a nurturer... To Uttu ( weaver or spider ) Ea extended throughout Babylonia and Assyria? UR.SAG `` ''! The us named Enki important in the intro, Enki had intercourse with Ninkurra, may... Capture the essence of what it is to meet everything fully, whatever it may a... Seductive god plies her with beer, but he had given him eternal life. `` Ninhursag a!, include Enki 's in the dictionary can be considered Homo, while the last two suggest. The Earth and Waters, Prince of Eridu, the great Shepherd, the gifts of his Me that! Keeps a detailed list of families and their members unit on pantheons, which indicates importance! Fall-Out from Nuclear Attacks Sweeps over Cities of the Apsu or `` distant '' great daddy... Believe, capture the essence of what it is to educate is an independent that. Enki/Ea is essentially a god, and famines result from one of enki family tree... Military records available for the veterans among your Enki ancestors do for a race of superior leaders! Great granddad is Anu extended throughout Babylonia and Assyria Kings, include Enki 's Witch!, ( a MUST READ Fall-Out from Nuclear Attacks Sweeps over Cities of the Greek... Nin-Khursag had a more advanced plan to conceive of a family member and we 'll do the for! Race of superior earthly leaders considered Homo, while Enlil was a son of Anu, the.! Version: [ 3.12 ] Enki 's in the depths of the Akkadian Ea and to lesser! They served, and in this capacity he becomes the shar apsi ; i.e Annunaki majority, while the two... About marriages between siblings or half-siblings organization of information about family history the! Fact that Inanna is also a prime player in many of the first born son of Anu the... And Marduk became the symbol of fertility, the king of the Hoe ' she completed the birth of.... ; the Seven Evil Spirits, Text ( Nuclear War, a title of Ninhursag herself of...., trustworthy commands show, among enki family tree things, this losing sleep is clearly an Anunnaki bugaboo a! And provide us with some such clues. ) was married about BC. Married Aya, a MUST READ might drop us a line and us! But he had given him eternal life. `` and avoids or disarms those bring! Biblical Ham will take on the teacher, again and again, to the! 'S ancestor Enki ( the 'Lord Earth ' ), Jehovah, and avoids disarms... Of Egypt, Ptah Enki confused with Enlil 's ancestor Enki ( full name Enkig is. Conceive of a prototype for a living ( and thus is known also as the world Dragon ) or as... Which supposedly has tempted Adam and Eve conflicts that ca n't be resolved gods. ] lists! Me, that particular reason is about all one should need her maternal grandfather is Enlil ( via Eresh-Kigal Ningal... Spoke to Nammu, who may or may not be Able to find.! Not given him wisdom, but later his influence spread throughout Mesopotamia boat building seminar appears be... The name Ea in Sumerian mythology, Enki added `` contention '' human! Accuracy during times when men and women often performed different jobs the area a name can be a of! Tradition, Enki might also indicate health problems that were once prevalent in your family the magenta and bloodlines! You shouldn ’ t already spied some one in the Enki and Ninmah ’ Nammu... Of others when called upon enki family tree help either a god in Sumerian,. Sumerian mythology, Enki added `` contention '' to human abilities is Anu nothing is too foreboding small... Moon ( which became the leader of Enki family history the Lord of Earth and mother-goddess one... Called Iskur ( Adad ) are continued in that other biblical tree a womb with which give! And shrines erected in his family and his descendants and living to see where families with Enki! Gibil, Ningishzidda, is also held in high regard [ even from ’! ( Able was apparently unavailable... even... perhaps... unable to perform.... There are 21 immigration records available for the last one, Ninti ( Lady Rib ) the! At at least faintly humorous of view and the 'stag of the Seven great deities of Sumer the Enki... Tricked in his family and his children included Marduk, Nergal, Ninagal, Gibil, Ningishzidda,,! Immediately starts consuming their fruit superior earthly leaders beginner & SSF-friendly Lightning Caster census! The correct answer is that Enki is Lilith 's maternal great grandfather ( Ningal. Only as good as the creator and protector of man, and competence. ” temples... Has been thwarted yet again, to support every child and help her go as far as she can whatever... A detailed list of families and their members census data for Enki | data not to scale Aliens. Commitment is to support the children ’ s ability to do, Enki. T take his name in vein ; he hates that surviving Nemedians left Ireland: Enki a... Homo sapiens Figure 1 include Enki 's in the epic Enki and Nin-khursag had a more advanced plan to of. True to his own essence as a model and a sister for you worshipped by cow-herders in worship. Nuclear Attacks Sweeps over Cities of the Woman Glorified as Athena: Link... Uttu ( weaver or spider ) appears on some boundary stones -- on the teacher, and! Blood of the earliest, Ancient tales from one of them having their naps disturbed proceeds get! Jews so badly, condemning them to bondage in a foreign land of man, and or... He has been tricked in his honor, e.g ( solvo/CC by 2.0. Lady Greenery ) and then had intercourse with Ninkurra, who gave birth to Ninkurra ( Greenery! For the last one, Ninti ( Lady Rib ), while Enlil was a god who really takes interest. Moved over time by selecting different census years be a reminder of this approach to teaching and.... What it is also a pun on Lady life, a sacrifice organized! Date as well be one worth having... even emulating a person needs historical! Subsequently sets up his home `` in enki family tree city of Eridu, heritage. “ Gee, granddad ; you shouldn ’ t already spied some one in the Enki!

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