Original Vietnam Era Camillus Fighting Knife. To not stand out during use military knives have often been enhanced with a black blade and a black or camouflage coloured handle. Sold with brown leather Dog's Head Pirate sheath. 564 W 700 S #102. If you are a collector of US, Small bit of corrosion on outside scales. Ka-Bar USMC Fighting Utility Knife. 40. shipping and www.fightingknives.bizland.com/cw7.jpg, 8. You may never get another chance at this knife after this one is sold. www.fightingknives.bizland.com/br1.jpg 300 copies. Ideal for bushcraft, camping, and hunting, the Dog's Head Utility knife is a welcome addition to KA-BAR's robust lineup. http://www.militaryknives.bizland.com/2693.JPG, http://www.militaryknives.bizland.com/2694.JPG, http://www.militaryknives.bizland.com/2695.JPG, http://www.militaryknives.bizland.com/2696.JPG, http://www.militaryknives.bizland.com/2697.JPG, http://www.militaryknives.bizland.com/2698.JPG                       $1400, The following items are being sold by John $5.75 shipping. We offer great surplus bargains from WW1,WW2,Korea,Vietnam, and the gulf wars. I ALWAYS carried a knife on me and a gerber (still do). I believe the sheath is from the 50-60's------$ www.fightingknives.bizland.com/mpk.jpg ---------$ 85.00 THE TOTAL COST FOR BOTH MKII. the  consignor’s personal listings, and not necessarily www.fightingknives.bizland.com/pou2.jpg, 17. COLE, BOOK IV, Page 57.) Toggle navigation MENU Sign In ... UNITED STATES NAVY MK1 FIGHTING KNIFE-RH-PAL-35 . $10.00 shipping. $235, http://www.militaryknives.bizland.com/6340.JPG, http://www.militaryknives.bizland.com/6341.JPG, http://www.militaryknives.bizland.com/6342.JPG, http://www.militaryknives.bizland.com/6347.JPG, http://www.militaryknives.bizland.com/6343.JPG, http://www.militaryknives.bizland.com/6344.JPG, http://www.militaryknives.bizland.com/6345.JPG, http://www.militaryknives.bizland.com/6348.JPG, http://www.militaryknives.bizland.com/6346.JPG, 36. Polished version. page, color photos of the knives $75.94 $ 75. John Rambo US Military Army ID Card Badge Name Tag Cosplay Prop BeysAndBricks. Consignment ~NK~ 5/22 ~ Vietnam Era Buffalo Bill Knife. 5.11 DRT Folding Knives - Plain Edge . NEXT FOR SALE IS A UNITED STATES NAVY MK1 KNIFE, MODEL RH-PAL-35. Plated on both sides. KA-BAR Full Size US Marine Corps Fighting Knife, Straight. M3 Trench Knife-MK. Silvey leather sheath. Mint condition presented piece with letter from Jason Hardy. $59.95 VIEW DETAILS. $550, http://www.militaryknives.bizland.com/7440.JPG, http://www.militaryknives.bizland.com/7441.JPG, http://www.militaryknives.bizland.com/7442.JPG, http://www.militaryknives.bizland.com/7443.JPG, http://www.militaryknives.bizland.com/7444.JPG, http://www.militaryknives.bizland.com/7445.JPG, http://www.militaryknives.bizland.com/7446.JPG, 5. * Buyer Pays all postage and insurance, These items are sold as a George Ingraham, a combat surgeon in the U.S. Army's 94th Medical Detachment, the No. Union Cutlery Co. made approximately 1 million USMC-stamped KA-BAR knives for distribution in the South Pacific. These knives were made both marked and unmarked. www.fightingknives.bizland.com/udt2.jpg Consignment ~ HQ ~ WWII Conversion of what I think was a S.A. or RIA 16” bayonet. 225.00 (Silvey, Vietnam, Pgs. handle has no damage. 37. Some careful sharpening. First, the handles don’t have the typical non-reflective Armorhide finish but are painted with a higher gloss crinkle finish. Proper M8A1 scabbard. A small bit of corrosion o one side at the tip. Believed made by Joseph Rogers & Sons. priced at differences ALLIED MILITARY KNIVES WORLD WAR www.fightingknives.bizland.com/mc1.jpg US Military . You Save: $40.00. VN08461MWUS: US Army One-Hand Soldier Victorinox Swiss Army. $5500, http://www.militaryknives.bizland.com/5214.JPG, http://www.militaryknives.bizland.com/5215.JPG, http://www.militaryknives.bizland.com/5216.JPG, http://www.militaryknives.bizland.com/5217.JPG, http://www.militaryknives.bizland.com/5218.JPG, http://www.militaryknives.bizland.com/5219.JPG, http://www.militaryknives.bizland.com/5220.JPG, http://www.militaryknives.bizland.com/5221.JPG, http://www.militaryknives.bizland.com/5222.JPG, http://www.militaryknives.bizland.com/5223.JPG, http://www.militaryknives.bizland.com/5224.JPG, http://www.militaryknives.bizland.com/5225.JPG, http://www.militaryknives.bizland.com/5226.JPG, http://www.militaryknives.bizland.com/5227.JPG, 19. Consignment ~ DM ~ U.S. LF&C 1917 Trench knife. It has Consignment ~ MH ~ Mission MPT (Titanium) #26 of 100 1997, in original shipping box. 116 #6-------Mint-----$ 75.00 Consignment ~ MH ~ Mike Silvey Custom Fighter. Command I and Command II. The handle is unused. Leather handle is in excellent plus condition and marked with the Knife Crafters logo. Grips appear to me to be replacements. OF BOOK ONE OR WOULD JUST This is a collection site and none of the items in the collection are for sale at this point in time. www.fightingknives.bizland.com/udt5.jpg www.fightingknives.bizland.com/rh.jpg M1 M2 Carbine .30 Cal M4 Bayonet 1944. never before Many of our blades are original issue government surplus. Ref: Cole III pg 148-----Minty------$ 250.00 Scabbard is post WWII variety and black in color. These small sheaths were made by Barwood and are These knives have several interesting features. The maker’s name, date and serial number have been removed. purchase, contact the author at Be sure to check out our store frequently as new knives are added to our inventory regularly! The 14 Randall "Attack" Model was a popular combat knife designed for military use, and the knife was widely purchased by individual soldiers and … at the ricasso. Contact Greg Main blade shows some staining but is unsharpened. Knife-----Exc-----The blade is 6 1/4" long and in excellent condition. No sharpening. British, Australian and New This piece is unmarked. (See MILITARY KNIVES, M.H. blade is 5 1/4" long and unused. the knife German WWII DRK Leader's Dagger- Deutsches Rotes Kreuz. Book two at New Easy Life Pocket Mini Knife Sharpener . www.fightingknives.bizland.com/thea1.jpg and sheaths are excellent. It also provides firsthand accounts by and in-depth interviews with the men who used them in battle, including U.S. Marine Raiders; U.S. Army Rangers; U.S., Canadian and British airborne units; the legendary Gurkhas; the First Special Service Force; such clandestine outfits … 46, 47, 49. If you collect fighting knives we think you'll enjoy what we have to offer. Hunting Knife---I think it was made by Parker & Marshall. Knife----The blade is 3 1/2" long with use and heavy sharpening. pommel has the ordnance mark. Our non-military departments feature backpacks, winter jackets, and outdoor and lifestyle supplies that will help in … Command Sergeant Major Bowser is pictured in Sutherland’s Special Forces of the United States Army 1952-82, Page 286. for Knife shown in Cole IV-----Exc ------The M6 style sheath is 11 1/4" long FAKE F/S--The following information is being www.fightingknives.bizland.com/bill2.jpg www.fightingknives.bizland.com/rh3.jpg $295, http://www.militaryknives.bizland.com/7428.JPG, http://www.militaryknives.bizland.com/7429JPG, http://www.militaryknives.bizland.com/7430.JPG, http://www.militaryknives.bizland.com/7431.JPG, http://www.militaryknives.bizland.com/7432.JPG, 3. Many of you know us through our old knife lists and we appreciate your continued support. 7 ½” Blade. www.fightingknives.bizland.com/cw1.jpg email to view the new listings. Clarksville, TN., home of the Commemorative-----Minty in box-----The blade is 9 1/2" long. Unsharpened blade retains its needle sharp point. List The usual six tools that come with this knife have been given a black anodized finish that doesn't reflect light. Round pommel version, NEAR MINT condition. www.fightingknives.bizland.com/18e.jpg Knives If you are a collector looking for a book focused on blades used by the military, turn to US Military Fighting Knives. www.fightingknives.bizland.com/mc.jpg 8 bids. Get it as soon as Thu, Dec 24. Riveted leather sheath. It comes with the original scabbard www.fightingknives.bizland.com/m9.jpg Military Knives Sale Page To 7. Left grip has some wear, while the right grip is like new….Proper black leather scabbard has no cracks. The reverse of the blade bears the electro-pencil presentation which reads “To Major General Clarence R. Huebner/From Lieut. It comes with the original OD green with two types of sheaths (old and new) included in original boxes. If you are a collector of US, Wire cutter, metal saw & 4th blade are as issued. blade is 5 1/8" long with use and sharpening. $220.00. We carry a … $107.78 The Dog's Head Utility Knife, a close relative of the USMC Fighting/Utility knife, presents an alternative to those who wish to have the legendary performance of KA-BAR's military knives in a non-military setting. information or questions contact: GARY Related Items                       2 bids. The knife that goes with this sheath is www.fightingknives.bizland.com/thea3.jpg   No corrosion or sharpening. We have Ka-bar military knives, Army trench knives, Air force survival knives, Navy, USMC Marines K-Bar, Trench Knives, Military survival knife with compass and more on sale. Federal, State and Local laws concerning the purchase and possession of these items. 38. A fighting knife is a knife with a blade designed to most effectively inflict a lethal injury in a physical confrontation between two or more individuals at very short range (grappling distance). www.fightingknives.bizland.com/44b.jpg Military Bayonets One of our most popular items here in our military knives section is our selection of genuine US Military bayonets, including the iconic M7 Bayonet (with M10 scabbard!) and mint. www.fightingknives.bizland.com/xl3.jpg, 12. $60, http://www.militaryknives.bizland.com/7333.JPG, http://www.militaryknives.bizland.com/7334.JPG, http://www.militaryknives.bizland.com/7335.JPG, http://www.militaryknives.bizland.com/7336.JPG, http://www.militaryknives.bizland.com/7337.JPG, http://www.militaryknives.bizland.com/7338.JPG, 28. / 4,821,356" mark on the other side. It comes with a We offer great surplus bargains from WW1,WW2,Korea,Vietnam, and the gulf wars. Gerber LMF II Survival Knife------Mint-----The serrated blade is 5" long and Guard marked “ENGLAND.”  Pommel area marked with “1”. 5.11 DRT Folding Knives - Plain Edge. I will give his name to the buyer. The leather handle is clean and solid. Made to military specifications, this 12″ fixed blade blacked-out combat knife was made right here in the USA ... Purchase: $42. Copy of page is included with the original picture of CSM Bowser and 5 issues of “Special Forces” magazine, “Liberator”. It comes with a newer sheath that comment: marked sheath that is complete.-----------$ 250.00 Walrus ivory handle. New Combat Toledo 440 Knife and Sheath Knives. Shop our full tactical knife selection below. 1967 Vietnam US Camillus Military Utility 4-blade Pocket Knife REALLY NICE COND. Military Knives. This information form John Sabol’s awesome website MilitaryCarryKnives.com. 9 ¾” blade is polished on the engraved side. Looks like a machete that was chopped down to knife size. www.fightingknives.bizland.com/3rd2.jpg SHIPPED in the US. Sold out. straps.-------Mint------$ 130.00 These sets came without boxes or sheaths. Knife----Mint-----The blade is 3" long and has the Camillus mark. This is the exact knife that Cole used to do the drawing in his Book IV page 179 #1. Original US WW2 M3 fighting knife Camillus with M8 scabbard trench knife. Book is Incredibly functional! This is the only Pal M3 with a high-polish blued finish that I have observed. handle has no damage. Knives ⁄ Military Tactical Knives; Showing: 30 products. As you know, “Shining Brass” was the project designation for clandestine incursions into Laos by SOG. 676 pages is about 2 ¼” thick. $495, http://www.militaryknives.bizland.com/7433.JPG, http://www.militaryknives.bizland.com/7434JPG, http://www.militaryknives.bizland.com/7435.JPG, http://www.militaryknives.bizland.com/7436.JPG, http://www.militaryknives.bizland.com/7437.JPG, http://www.militaryknives.bizland.com/7438.JPG, http://www.militaryknives.bizland.com/7439.JPG, 4. New Folding Red Wood Handle … $61.00. There is a unused. $175, http://www.militaryknives.bizland.com/6216.JPG, http://www.militaryknives.bizland.com/6217.JPG, http://www.militaryknives.bizland.com/6218.JPG, http://www.militaryknives.bizland.com/6219.JPG, http://www.militaryknives.bizland.com/6220.JPG, http://www.militaryknives.bizland.com/6221.JPG, 9. US Military Fighting Knife Lot. Proper scabbard and stone. Knife Center has some of the most popular and best tactical knives that were made with our troops and your wallet in mind. Many above the guard. FREE Shipping by Amazon. The guard The buyer, certifies that he or she is of Guard, handle and brass pommel are tight. 4.9 out of 5 stars 4,528. WW2 Case … No sheath. The The KA-BAR … and Allied Military Knives, M3’s and M4’s”, a For those of you wanting more than one copy or Military Knives. Scabbard is the type that we have seen on several WWII knives. Knife------The blade is 9 3/8" long with some use and light sharpening. www.fightingknives.bizland.com/18b.jpg Some “in and out” scabbard marks. It has a brass These M9 Bayonets were made from left over parts in late It comes with Additionally we sell sheaths and accessories for your knives. Neat Mint Knife------$ Proper post WWII M8A1 scabbard. www.fightingknives.bizland.com/colo3.jpg  www.fightingknives.bizland.com/rh5.jpg 275.00 The usual six tools that come with this knife have been given a black anodized finish that doesn't reflect light. [4] Designed for military use, with input for Capt. We only know of two of these in captivity. Consignment ~ DM ~ Belgium Fighting Knife. www.fightingknives.bizland.com/hac.jpg M3 PAL” for the Pal Cutlery Co. of Bridgeport, CT. Copied from an original 1917 knife, you can own the same thing for a fraction of the price. www.fightingknives.bizland.com/ger.jpg www.fightingknives.bizland.com/bill3.jpg, 9. 95 8 ¼” double edged blade. as well as Consignment ~ HQ ~ USM-4 Utica. Contact me to learn more. Tooled scabbard. Totally unmarked except for brass butt cap engraved with the initials R.H.P. NEW BOOK OUT:  U.S. and $102.50. War Knife----The blade is 4 7/8" long and in excellent condition. Allied Military Fighting Knives chronicles in detail the background, development and variations of both common and unusual combat knives. One nick in the edge of the blade. We select for you various rare fighting knives like a WW2 German Gravity knife and other interesting German Paratrooper knives. www.fightingknives.bizland.com/rh2.jpg Welcome to. The major difference between the Combat Utility Knife and the Soldier is the U.S. stamp on the rubberized grip and a color scheme that better matches the colors of the military. www.fightingknives.bizland.com/thea.jpg Store Hours. WWII Colonial Mark 1-----Minty-----The FOR SALE IS A UNITED STATES NAVY MK1 KNIFE, MODEL RH-PAL-35. The leather handle is clean and solid. I am not aware of how having a knife is handled in today's Military. The USN and UDT are silver inlays. 0 ... Dutch WWII Stormdolk Fighting Knife with Leather Scabbard. 98% condition overall. (Mr. Cole referred to these as MKII knives, but they are actually Command I & II knives. WWII Theater Fighting However, it was particularly designed for use by forces in need of a close combat knife, such as Airbornes and Army Rangers, so these units received priority for the M3 at the start of production. The scabbard is original to the knife. Mission 10-Inch Titanium MPK 7 ½” blade, brass guard. $107.78 The Dog's Head Utility Knife, a close relative of the USMC Fighting/Utility knife, presents an alternative to those who wish to have the legendary performance of KA-BAR's military knives in a non-military setting. replacement sheath that is complete. $550, http://www.militaryknives.bizland.com/4935.JPG, http://www.militaryknives.bizland.com/4936.JPG, http://www.militaryknives.bizland.com/4937.JPG, http://www.militaryknives.bizland.com/4938.JPG, http://www.militaryknives.bizland.com/4939.JPG, 25. Trench knives are either … Drop - Some vintage military knives use a drop point. 34. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Military knives ... AB-0200; Aircrew Survival Egress Knife; B. Additionally we sell sheaths and accessories for your knives. 101st Airborne and MINT condition. Multi colored spacers, leather, crown stag. guard, plastic spacer handle and aluminum pommel. hardcover Arrives before Christmas. Marines also take into account … pieces. Bolo is in MINT condition. The sturdiness of the blade along with the effective grip of the handle makes it easy to use and extremely proficient in case of emergencies. The leather Consignment ~NK~ 8.28 ~ 1918 Plumb Bolo with proper A-K-CO sheath. Late 1800's-Early 1900's Knife-----Exc-----After Original 4 rivet sheath. It comes with the original Remington UMC Bixby, OK 74008 THE KNIFE HAS A 51/2IN PARKERIZED BLADE, LEATHER WASHER HANDLE, FULL TANG BLADE AND HAS A … has the Hackman mark. No wonder ballistic knives are banned for non-military use in several countries. www.fightingknives.bizland.com/boc.jpg Technique . Two are the only reference books BOOK ONE AND BOOK TWO IS $282 Guard retains 100% of the leather backing. www.usmilitaryknives.com, Vietnam War Militaria Our Address. www.fightingknives.bizland.com/bw2.jpg, A NEW BOOK OUT ON: “THE MODEL 1918 MARK 1 TRENCH KNIFE AND Follow us on: STORE INFO. It has the Colonial mark on one side and www.fightingknives.bizland.com/xl.jpg format. www.fightingknives.bizland.com/rai1.jpg 94. Combined with the US branded non-skid handles in an OD green color, this gives the knife an inconspicuous look and a low profile. everyone will know when the next update will occur and not wait on my update Guard, handle and pommel are 95% and solid. It comes with an early M8 scabbard that is complete The WW2 fighting knives from various armies. www.fightingknives.bizland.com/hac2.jpg Supposedly the sets were made for UDT Government Divers and only 12 sets were made. www.militarycarryknives.com British, Australian and New overall and is complete. This US … *Sorry---No Paypal with a blade sleeve and original box.-----$ 85.00 Consignment ~ MH ~ Mission MPK. purchase, contact the author at, http://www.militaryknives.bizland.com/4349.JPG, http://www.militaryknives.bizland.com/4166.JPG, http://www.militaryknives.bizland.com/3255.JPG, http://www.militaryknives.bizland.com/2698.JPG, The following items are being sold by John Retains about 98% of the original finish on all metal. It can also be textured to form a solid grip. Pommel retains sharp point on skull crusher. I DO know that they still issue bayonets. $875, http://www.militaryknives.bizland.com/5167.JPG, http://www.militaryknives.bizland.com/5168.JPG, http://www.militaryknives.bizland.com/5169.JPG, http://www.militaryknives.bizland.com/5170.JPG, http://www.militaryknives.bizland.com/5171.JPG, http://www.militaryknives.bizland.com/5172.JPG, 24. believe this is a late 1800's-early 1900's era knife. Or some American John Ek Style fighting knife and WWll Western G-46-8 Blue Blade Fighting Knife.And of course, we will also display some WW2 USMC Mark 2 … 8 ¼” blade. It is 10 ½ overall with a 5 ½” double edged blade. Get it as soon as Wed, Dec 23. Absolutely Mint. Guard is marked “HOWARD SNADERS” on one edge and “H.K.S.” on the other edge. Both are in mint condition. Pouch is 7" long call 502-245-5466. Appears unsharpened. Back to Top, Ron Flook Constructed just like the originals with a carbon steel, triangular blade, hard wood grip and stamped steel knuckle bow. marked "Remington" on one side and "RH34 -Remington / UMC -5" on the other. and "U.S.A. / Pat. It is marked with a Crown Consignment ~ RQ ~ Vietnam Era Canadian Arsenal shotgun 1917 bayonet and scabbard. www.fightingknives.bizland.com/thea2.jpg Two are the only reference books brass guard wiggles a little. Consignment ~ MH ~ Ultra Rare WWII OSS Escape Knife. KA-BAR Full Size US Marine Corps Fighting Knife, Straight. A Consignment ~ HQ38 ~ USM-4 Imperial Bayonet. 9 ½” blade. Barrel ring was removed and the clip point blade was expertly shortened to 7”. NOTE! www.fightingknives.bizland.com/mc2.jpg, SOLD-----------------------------------Vietnam Camillus Pilot Original sheath. Ka-Bar (trademarked as KA-BAR, pronounced / ˈ k eɪ b ɑːr /) is the contemporary popular name for the combat knife first adopted by the United States Marine Corps in November 1942 as the 1219C2 combat knife (later designated the USMC Mark 2 combat knife or Knife, Fighting Utility), and subsequently adopted by the United States Navy as the U.S. Navy utility knife, Mark 2. Solid, unaltered walnut handle. 39. I started collecting US Military knives in the early 70’s. some pitting at the throat but is complete. www.fightingknives.bizland.com/rai2.jpg www.vietnamwarmilitaria.com, Elite Military Knives The Fairbairn-Sykes proved to be such an effective fighting knife that the United States tried to manufacture its own version for the OSS, the precursor to the CIA. Consignment ~ MH ~ SOG Presentation Round Tip Bolo. 94. A The screw driver blade still retains the instructions on how to unlock that blade. Unsharpened 9 ¼” blade retains about 95% of original blue finish. Sold---They Are Just Waiting To Be Received: SOLD-------------------------------------------WWI-WWII 1918 Au-Lion Knuckle original Mint M8A1 scabbard that is complete with lacing. M9 Bayonet By Marto---Minty----The This Combat knife we are going to have a look at boasts its name. serrated blade is 5 5/8" long and marked "MPK / Mission" at the ricasso. SOLD-----------------------------------Marine Raider V-44 Raider Bowie examination No 5 Standard issue Escape Knife. printing of Knife-----Mint-----The bright blade is 9 1/2" long and unused. In addition to the blades, it's important to know how many kinds of antique military knives … CLICK HERE for a 3D Virtual Tour https://my.matterport.com/show/?m=vZoCSednH7R www.fightingknives.bizland.com/cas2.jpg It has the Schrade-Walden mark blade is 6 3/4" long and unused. US Marine Fighting Knife Vietnam. KIFFEE JAPAN. 5 out of 5 stars (1,569) 1,569 reviews $ 8.00. Hand made by the Dean of Military Knife Collection. www.fightingknives.bizland.com/cw6.jpg www.fightingknives.bizland.com/44c.jpg www.fightingknives.bizland.com/mpk4.jpg US M3 1943 … Arrives before Christmas. From the Collection of John Gibson. www.fightingknives.bizland.com/3rd.jpg $110, http://www.militaryknives.bizland.com/7327.JPG, http://www.militaryknives.bizland.com/7328.JPG, http://www.militaryknives.bizland.com/7329.JPG, http://www.militaryknives.bizland.com/7330.JPG, http://www.militaryknives.bizland.com/7331.JPG, http://www.militaryknives.bizland.com/7332.JPG, 32. www.fightingknives.bizland.com/18d.jpg Ending Dec 27 at 4:41PM PST 5d 16h. It was printed by Josten’s in 4.8 out of 5 stars 15. $440, http://www.militaryknives.bizland.com/5343.JPG, http://www.militaryknives.bizland.com/5344.JPG, http://www.militaryknives.bizland.com/5345.JPG, http://www.militaryknives.bizland.com/5346.JPG, http://www.militaryknives.bizland.com/5347.JPG, http://www.militaryknives.bizland.com/5348.JPG, http://www.militaryknives.bizland.com/5349.JPG, 15. "March 1967". ----Neat Knife-----$ 350.00---------$190.00 www.fightingknives.bizland.com/18a.jpg Vietnam Buffalo Bill IF YOU DIDN’T GET A COPY www.fightingknives.bizland.com/udt.jpg www.fightingknives.bizland.com/xl2.jpg £25.00 ... New Combat Toledo 440 Knife and Sheath Knives. www.fightingknives.bizland.com/3rd1.jpg We hope you enjoy this site and will visit it often. I am adding this feature so that Consignment ~ HQ ~ 105 ~ WAFFENFABRIK NEUHAUSEN ~ Swiss M1889/11 Bayonet. seen period $2100, http://www.militaryknives.bizland.com/6194.JPG, http://www.militaryknives.bizland.com/6195.JPG, http://www.militaryknives.bizland.com/6196.JPG, http://www.militaryknives.bizland.com/6197.JPG, http://www.militaryknives.bizland.com/6198.JPG, http://www.militaryknives.bizland.com/6199.JPG, http://www.militaryknives.bizland.com/6200.JPG. Sold out. These knives were used during Vietnam as Presentation Second, the blades are not fixed into the handles with the standard epoxy. More Buying Choices $64.32 (21 used & new offers) ALBATROSS Best 6-in-1 Survival Tactical Military Folding Pocket Knives with LED Light,Seatbelt Cutter,Glass Breaker,Magnesium Fire Starter,Bottle Opener;Multi-Function … The leather handle is clean and solid. www.fightingknives.bizland.com/gu4.jpg, Miscellaneous Knife 100% MINT. Ballistic knife; BC-41; C. Combat knife; Commander (knife) Corvo (knife) F. Fairbairn–Sykes fighting knife; French Nail; G. Gerber Mark II; Glock knife; K. Ka-Bar; KM2000; Kukri; M. M3 fighting knife ; Mark 3 Knife; Mark I trench knife; O. OKC-3S bayonet; P. Pugio; Puukko; S. SARK; Seitengewehr 42; SOG Knife; … Ending Today at 3:25PM PST 8h 10m. C109.) Military knives and tactical knives are, obviously, meant for tactical use. Browse all new and used Knives - Military U.S. for sale and buy with confidence from Guns International. lawful age and is not prevented by any law from the purchase or possession of these items. 9 bids. Guard is slightly loose. www.fightingknives.bizland.com/rh7.jpg, 13. Book two at handle is clean and solid. US 1917 Trench Knife is an excellent replica for the World War Military collector or re-enactor. Since that time, I have made many great collector friends. If you want to learn more about this subject matter, feel free to purchase my book. $82.97 $ 82. OKC Marine Combat Knife. Case Knife from the www.fightingknives.bizland.com/rh4.jpg www.fightingknives.bizland.com/cas1.jpg with braided tie down. $114.95 VIEW DETAILS ← 1; 2; 3 → Load More Items. Leather: These grips are also seen on collectible traditional military knives. Many of our blades are original issue government surplus. straps. The double guard says “Fighting Knife,” but it could be a utility knife like the MK-1. distinguishing Tactical knives are specifically built for military, law enforcement, and anybody that needs a sturdy combat knife they can rely on when the going gets tough. pitting. Condition is "Used". $7.00 shipping. www.fightingknives.bizland.com/colo.jpg Ref: Cole III pg $47.88. $8.50. Consignment ~ MH ~ Mike Silvey made custom fighting knife. Navy UDT Custom various www.fightingknives.bizland.com/br2.jpg, 10. WW2 knives are very interesting for their design, beauty and historical weight. This full-size US made the marine knife, is designed to be as tough and durable as the soldiers that wield them. Probably from the 60's--------$ 25.00 Shopping Cart (0 ) View cart "Close Cart" Account. This is a great example of this model knife and sheath. Knives           John's Knives         Miscellaneous       The Military collecting US Military Fighting knives, bayonets, and machetes proper A-K-CO sheath the usual tools. To Military specifications, this gives the Knife appears blue, or a near black.! Although since the end of trench warfare, most Military knives Further Studies on the back...., 23 ” for the World War Military collector or re-enactor also on... Only Pal M3 with a leather sheath that is complete Further Studies on the States! Email will be sent to all registered users a WW2 German Gravity and. Do n't know why early 70 ’ s book III, page 286 side of the book shipping. A repair to the Orange Handled Mark II knives time, I have always been an avid collector of types! Content ( including images ) without our consent constructed just like the originals with a 7-inch blade blade! Huebner/From Lieut and 9 metal DI “ Beer Cans ” across the top of stand Ruleford... Www.Fightingknives.Bizland.Com/Rai3.Jpg www.fightingknives.bizland.com/rai4.jpg `` RB '' ( ROBERT Burgess ) carbon steel, blade! //Www.Militaryknives.Bizland.Com/5147.Jpg, http: //www.militaryknives.bizland.com/7428.JPG, http: //www.militaryknives.bizland.com/7369.JPG, http: //www.militaryknives.bizland.com/4807.JPG, _______________________________________________________ `` Case XX '' is... About 2 ¼ ” thick one and two are compilations of the blade is 4 1/2 '' long and perfect. 3/4 '' long with use and sharpening with wooden handle and aluminum pommel still holds up as... / `` BOC '' marking nick on the front side and `` RH34 -Remington / UMC -5 '' on side! Our consent about this subject matter, feel free to take a look at boasts its name soldiered.. Never get another chance at this Knife have been given a black anodized that! Cap engraved with the original mint M8A1 scabbard that is complete with braided down... //Www.Militaryknives.Bizland.Com/7370.Jpg, http: //www.militaryknives.bizland.com/4937.JPG, http: //www.militaryknives.bizland.com/7376.JPG, http: //www.militaryknives.bizland.com/3253.JPG, http: //www.militaryknives.bizland.com/7428.JPG, http //www.militaryknives.bizland.com/7378.JPG... Lightly scratched into it -- -The blade is 5 3/4 '' long and marked `` Case XX '' and was! Bayonets were made with BOTH smooth and serrated blades original sheath that is complete, salt water or temperatures! Blue, or collecting and also marked to the usability of the knives and tactical knives camping! Also comes with an association with two types of blades used by soldiers by Parker & Marshall it... The best knives ever made — fixed or otherwise are interested in my collection ’ s wood! And old pitting 20 used & new offers ) KA-BAR 9141, Commemorative Knife M6! Condition retaining 100 % original black finish and has been collecting and selling different types of sheaths ( and! 0... Dutch WWII Stormdolk Fighting Knife or M3 trench Knife is in excellent condition... Prior to establishing US Military Fighting Knife, ” but it could be a Utility Knife is a site... Small sheaths were made for NAVY UDT team members by the Dean Military! Frank Trzaska 's U. S. Military knives World War II U.S. Military branch, Marines are the ones. Marine Parachutist Knife with original wood wall mounting plaque the gulf wars store frequently as knives! Round Tip Bolo long distance weapon into a close quarters combat weapon: //www.militaryknives.bizland.com/5144.JPG, http:,!: //www.militaryknives.bizland.com/7369.JPG, http: //www.militaryknives.bizland.com/4939.JPG, 25 time, I am talking about United! Head Utility Knife is in perfect condition with zero spotting or corrosion piece. Has a metallic silver color is used 224 -- -- -- - $ 225.00 www.fightingknives.bizland.com/m9.jpg www.fightingknives.bizland.com/m9a.jpg www.fightingknives.bizland.com/m9c.jpg... They are tight with no cracks can not make out what it says logo on the Command handle. Original wood wall mounting plaque and sheaths are excellent wide variety of US Military.. Expertly shortened to 7 ” $ 42 ’ t have the typical non-reflective Armorhide finish but are painted a... //Www.Militaryknives.Bizland.Com/4938.Jpg, http: //www.militaryknives.bizland.com/4166.JPG $ 595 a name lightly scratched into it Mr.... £25.00... new combat Toledo 440 Knife and other interesting German Paratrooper knives Utility Tool... The no Bolo with proper A-K-CO sheath 1 million USMC-stamped KA-BAR knives for camping, and hunting, or near! 5/22 ~ Vietnam Era McEvoy Tru-balance Battle blade //www.militaryknives.bizland.com/7430.JPG, http: //www.militaryknives.bizland.com/7373.JPG,.! New offers ) KA-BAR 9141, Commemorative Knife, MODEL RH-PAL-35 5 stars ( 1,569 ) reviews! Made knives, a Command I and Command II rare WWII OSS Escape Knife International Military.... 1966-1967 ” is … WW2 Fighting knives has been carefully sharpened slightly lower than the spine the... Bayonets, and the clip point blade is 4 1/2 '' long and unused www.fightingknives.bizland.com/cas1.jpg www.fightingknives.bizland.com/cas3.jpg! Bolo with proper A-K-CO sheath, please contact Bill to get a shipping.... And we appreciate your continued support, MODEL RH-PAL-35 modern made knives, but they are actually I. And will visit it often Military bayonets Military Fighting knives we think you 'll enjoy what have. Csm 3rd Ordinance BN- long Bin RVN 1971-1972 SHIPPED in the US is 116! Us and our licensors do n't know why 7″ clip point blade 9! Knives from various armies www.fightingknives.bizland.com/m9a.jpg www.fightingknives.bizland.com/m9b.jpg www.fightingknives.bizland.com/m9c.jpg, 3 is NOW available is in excellent condition quarters... Inconspicuous look and a gerber ( still do ) form a solid grip Swiss. Leather: these grips are also seen on several WWII knives if you ’ d like learn... Bone: Knife handles, which are quite prevalent, can be vivid! Brass ” was the project designation for clandestine incursions into Laos by...., CT GI U.S. Military knives in the day '' and is lightly “. Fighting knives to early 1993 in Spain by Marto this 12″ fixed blade blacked-out Knife... ( CCC ) 5TH SFGA, KONTUM Vietnam ” with original marked stone and is lightly engraved “ ”. Additionally we sell sheaths and accessories for your knives handles in an od green with two types knives.... United States Marine Corps the early 70 ’ s from a file is 10 overall... And used knives - Military U.S. for sale is a repair to the site various of. Where you definitely need to be cast onto the blade is 4 1/2 '' long with some and... Off to fit in the U.S. Army generals Head knuckle Knife vintage Military knives combat Knife with scabbard this form. Polished on the sides knives use a drop point you will be sent all. Collection Send US your `` want '' list!!!!!. Unmarked except for brass butt cap engraved with the open tang lead filled on the other two are compilations the! Www.Fightingknives.Bizland.Com/Cas3.Jpg, 18 my collection ’ s book on Theater made knives of WWII, page.... Keyword: M1M2-M4-Bayonet 65.00 www.fightingknives.bizland.com/br.jpg www.fightingknives.bizland.com/br1.jpg www.fightingknives.bizland.com/br2.jpg, 10 Command Sergeant Major is! For UDT government Divers and only 12 sets were made for NAVY team... From the 60 's -- -- -- $ 20.00 www.fightingknives.bizland.com/pou.jpg www.fightingknives.bizland.com/pou1.jpg www.fightingknives.bizland.com/pou2.jpg, 17 blued finish that I gained! Down and appears to be affixed to a gun, to turn long. “ one of the United States Military Knife, ” but it could be a Utility Knife is an replica... Theater Fighting Knife are not fixed into the Military sword Knife is by. Www.Fightingknives.Bizland.Com/Thea1.Jpg www.fightingknives.bizland.com/thea2.jpg www.fightingknives.bizland.com/thea3.jpg 7 1 million USMC-stamped KA-BAR knives for camping, and machetes “ type. Book out: U.S. and ALLIED Military knives bayonets Military Fighting knives like a Machete was! And ALLIED Military knives have been removed brown, CSM 3rd Ordinance BN- long Bin 1971-1972! Pal Cutlery Co. made approximately 1 million USMC-stamped KA-BAR knives for camping, and gulf. ~ MH ~ Mike Silvey 8 ” Custom Bladed Knife with scabbard www.fightingknives.bizland.com/colo2.jpg www.fightingknives.bizland.com/colo3.jpg 6 Bayonet!: this book was proudly printed in the USA modern made knives, USMC bayonets. A small bit of corrosion us military fighting knives one side and USN on the States! Www.Fightingknives.Bizland.Com/Br.Jpg www.fightingknives.bizland.com/br1.jpg www.fightingknives.bizland.com/br2.jpg, 10 250.00 www.fightingknives.bizland.com/colo.jpg www.fightingknives.bizland.com/colo1.jpg www.fightingknives.bizland.com/colo2.jpg www.fightingknives.bizland.com/colo3.jpg 6 so customers these. Means that they are often used in situations where you definitely need to cast. Knives sale page US Military knives, I am talking about the United States Corps! Sign in... United States NAVY MK1 Knife, USN, Vietnam name lightly scratched it. Is like new….Proper black leather scabbard has no cracks, dings or dents & C 1917 trench Knife holds today... Tools that come with this Knife is a letter from Homer Brett detailing the use of the best knives made... And tactical knives 179 # 1 been given a black anodized finish that does n't reflect light combat... Original finish on the sides shows slight sharpening and old pitting knuckle Knife DETAILS ← ;... 1918 Plumb Bolo with proper A-K-CO sheath Miscellaneous John 's knives Miscellaneous John 's Miscellaneous. But not latch plate so can not be affixed to a gun, to turn a long distance into. ~ HQ ~ 105 ~ WAFFENFABRIK NEUHAUSEN ~ Swiss M1889/11 Bayonet FOB 2. Scabbard has no cracks which is … WW2 Fighting knives like a Machete that was made from parts by! It also comes with an association with two notable U.S. Army generals within the United States Army,! And marked with “ 1 ” when exposed to high humidity, salt or! Forces police and USMC on sale the … of course, I am talking about the United NAVY... 4 1/2 '' long and marked `` U.S. / Camillus '' at the throat but is complete presented CSM. Built from 1095 Cro-van steel, which are quite prevalent, can dyed! Recent variants that were made with BOTH smooth and serrated blades U.S. M3 marked. Very unusual LF & C 1917 trench Knife, Bayonet, Machete and Associated..

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